Library of Congress Classifications

While it is prudent to search the catalogue at your library first, some of my best research came from wandering the stacks.  By physically looking at a collection you may find items that are related to your project but not neccessarily found via the online catalouge.  Listed below are the LOC classifications for subjects which inform the study of Western Esotericism.

BF 1404-2055 Occult Sciences

  • BF1444-1486  Ghosts.  Apparitions.  Hauntings
  • BF1501-1562  Demonology.  Satanism.  Possession
  • BF1562.5-1584  Witchcraft
  • BF1585-1623  Magic.  Hermetics.  Necromancy
  • BF1651-1729  Astrology
  • BF1745-1779  Oracles.  Sibyls.  Divinations
  • BF1783-1815  Seers.  Prophets.  Prophecies
  • BF1845-1891  Fortune-telling
  • BF2050-2055  Human-alien encounters.  Contact between humans and extraterrestrials

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